Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Miessence! And something new for us.

Hi friends!

I'm excited to share a new endeavor that I am beginning: a small home business for our family. With Joel's prompting, I decided to become a representative for a company I've admired for the past two years. Since April 2013, we've used probiotics by a company called Miessence. I had been hearing more and more about the importance of beneficial bacteria and how difficult it is to get all we need through our diet and fermented foods. So I was in the market for a good probiotic, you could say, when one of my favorite health bloggers talked about one that had impacted her own family's health and hosted a webinar with the man who formulated it. I listened to the webinar and was extremely impressed. I'll share more specifically about the probiotics later, but for now, here is why I respect Miessence so much and what made us interested in working with them.

 Although I've only mentioned the probiotics, Miessence began as the world's first certified organic skincare range. People told the founder, Narelle Chenery, that this was impossible, but she created a line that was certified organic to food grade standards, not only to cosmetic standards which are more twisted and flexible.
Their motto is Pure, Potent, Fresh.
Pure, because there are truly no unnatural ingredients, only the highest quality possible. It's not only plant-based, but each ingredient is certified to the highest organic, ecological and ethical standards possible. There is no green-washing going on here.
Potent, because the ingredients are 100% beneficial. I didn't quite get this part at first, but now I think it is quite revolutionary. Not only are there no fillers, but the products are designed so that each ingredient has a purpose and is good for you - whether a superfood or a moisturizer.
Fresh, because the products are made fresh monthly in small batches instead of manufactured and shelved for months or years at a time, and shipped directly to the end user. This is unheard of in the cosmetic industry unless you're talking about something homemade. No heat is used either, but the formulas are mixed using only cold-pressed ingredients and natural methods of extraction, preserving all live benefits of the raw materials.

I would also add 'Ethical.' Miessence's ingredients support fair trade and all of their practices keep sustainability in mind. They are committed to a 110% carbon offset, making them carbon negative (this includes all shipping as well). Packaging is all recyclable or biodegradable.
Some other things I admire are their extremely non-pushy sales approach, and their commitment to education and free information about natural living and business.

Here are the quick things I jotted down about my 'Why' working with Miessence, and goals:

- I respect the company's business and product ethic and quality.
- I hope to pay for my own supplements.
- I want to share information about natural living and good stewardship of creation.
- I want to be able to share healing supplements and toxin-free products with people I love.

I want to document my journey as a representative, becoming more familiar with the products, the way it's stretching me to try something new like this, articles/recipes/tutorials I've found helpful in our desire to remove toxins from our home, and of course updates on my babies, their funny quotes and light-speed growth. Yes, I hope posting here will be an avenue to grow my business, but it won't be any less my personal blog. In fact, it will be more so, because I hope to post a lot more and intersperse these different topics. I want to be up front about that, but I hope you'll be supportive and maybe learn something too!
  You can subscribe in the little box to the right, which will hopefully end up being a twice a month or so look at what's going on here on the blog. My personal Miessence link is here, or can be accessed by the button in the sidebar.

I don't expect all my friends and family to be interested. If I can help bring awareness of the safety of things we put on our bodies and other stewardship of our life, health and environment, I hope I can do that first and foremost.

With love,

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