Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Deodorant: What we use now.

Another switch we made when we began transitioning to a more natural lifestyle was throwing away our old antiperspirants and using homemade deodorant. This was actually Joel's idea, and he encouraged me in the weeks after Jacqueline was born to question the conventional antiperspirant I used, especially so close to our newborn's source of milk. Soon I found a recipe and made a batch of coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oil deodorant. I now recommend arrowroot powder over cornstarch, and bentonite clay can be added as well. We upped the ratio of arrowroot powder to baking soda to find a mixture that wasn't irritating, and ended up with a formula that we've used for three years now.
    Why should we bother getting rid of something as basic as antiperspirant? Here is a great outline of those very important reasons (it's more than just the aluminum). Also, homemade deodorant, a recipe for especially sensitive skin, and speeding detox when you make the switch. Narelle Chenery, the founder and formulator of Miessence products, did a presentation on why she did not use antiperspirants in her deodorant. I learned a lot even though I've been familiar with the subject for years now.

 A few months ago we tried Miessence certified organic roll-on deodorant, and have been very pleased with it. There's no risk of oil-staining shirts, and it is effective and lasting for us. We tried Ancient Spice, but there are other varieties and an Aroma Free version as well. I still have a batch of homemade deodorant left, but find myself reaching for the Miessence roll-on much more eagerly.

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  1. Cait, we switched from conventional antiperspirant a year ago and I make our own now. My husband was skeptical but we both love it. A couple months ago he had a business trip and took my last jar with him. I was out of ingredients and decided to just grab a "natural deodorant" from our local co-op to last the 5 days he'd be gone. Worst decision ever. Anyway, glad to see other recipes out there to try!

    Tricia P