Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nine Months In

These past few months have been full for my family. We are enjoying our new city, with so much still left unseen. We welcomed a new baby, now 10 weeks old, born at home in our NYC apartment! We experienced our first autumn, winter, and spring in the city, and the first year of seminary is almost completed for my husband. Although still tweaking our routine and life with three children, I hope to be more present working on Manhattan's Leaf.

 Echoing my last post about the enormous bacterial ecosystem on the subway, here is an almost beautiful visual, created by Craig Ward. "The samples were taken using sterilized sponges that had been pre-cut into the letter or number of the subway line from which the sample was to be taken - A, C, 1, 6 etc etc. The swabs were then pressed into pre-poured agar plates - their circular shape echoing the graphic language of the subway - and incubated for up to a week in his Brooklyn workshop, and photographed at various stages of development before being safely neutralized and disposed of."

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