Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Running Out

We are running out of some of our favorite Miessence products, and it's reminded me why I love them. Although making your own can be a great option, it's not appealing to everyone, and I was tiring of it myself. Miessence provides me something of an even higher quality and purity than I could make myself (due to their sourcing) and far more effective. If you aren't the DIY type and try to go more natural, you are usually left spending more but still unsatisfied with how your products work, or falling for misleading labels. 'Greenwashing' is making products appear more natural than they really are (because the word 'natural' is meaningless in the labeling world), emphasizing certain ingredients and hiding others, or leading you to believe something is organic when it isn't. Certified Organic (often to a food-grade standard) takes care of that! Can't wait to order again ;)


  1. Ooooh sounds good. I've never heard of Miessence. I love the attention to quality. :]

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  2. Thanks for sharing I hadn't heard of this brand before -Hanna Lei

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